Back-End Engineer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

Salary$80–120k / £60–90k / €72–110k
Equity       ~30% base salary, 4yr vest / 1yr cliff
Reporting to      Dmitry Ogurtsov, Technical Lead
More info?
What does the role look like?
We’re looking for a builder who gets things done, ​helping us to create an ​consumer-grade platform that brings the power of LLMs to the enterprise. You’ll be responsible for creating a clean, frictionless product experience for our users that realises ​the opportunities presented by the latest advancements in ​tech - and most importantly, making Workbounce a great place to work for everyone.
What you’ll be doing
  • Shipping features and delivering on our product roadmap
  • Optimising our back end, building integrations, analytics, and APIs
  • Building for scalability and efficiency
  • Finding novel ways to bring the power of LLMs to the enterprise
You’ll love this role if…
  • You’re very experienced with Python 3.x +, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL
  • Ideally, you have experience with Celery, Redis, Google Cloud, Terraform
  • You can design and build scalable solutions for the business problems
  • You can resolve performance issues, incidents and bugs in the production environment
  • You’re self-directed and like to take ownership over your own work
  • You’re excited to test new ideas and find new methods to use LLMs efficiently
  • You take a user-focused approach to building solutions and solving problems
  • You enjoy working remotely and at times that fit around your lifestyle
  • You want to be part of a caring team that helps every individual flourish
In your first month you will…
  • Spend time getting to know our team, product and customers
  • Learn about our product philosophy and roadmap— identify quick wins, and contribute ways to improve it
  • Ship your first features to production
Within your next few months you will…
  • Contribute to our strategic objectives
  • Build integrations that take our product to the next level
  • Own the development and shipping of a lot more features
During your first year you will…
  • Help us scale our product and engineering function
  • Support new members of the team with your knowledge and expertise
  • Grow your career in a direction of your choosing
  • Make Workbounce a fun and fulfilling place to work for everyone
Our benefits include…
  • Remote-first, flexible working
  • Unlimited holiday with a three week minimum
  • Employee share plan
  • Top equipment and a home office/coworking office stipend
  • Personal travel budget to work with colleagues
  • Health insurance
  • Mental health support: 24/7 EAP and free access to therapy
  • Twelve weeks paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child
  • Monthly carbon offsetting for each employee via Gold Standard projects
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Our hiring process
We'll follow these principles:
  • We’ll keep things simple, with no unnecessary steps and hoops to jump through. Since you’ll form a large percentage of our total team, we just want to get to know you
  • Each interview will be conducted independently and feedback discussed afterwards to avoid bias.
  • We’ll be fully transparent throughout the process. Feel free to ask questions, request an update, or book a call at any point
  • We won’t leave you waiting—we promise to make a decision fast

And this process:
  • Application screening
  • Technical assignment (~4hrs max)
  • Technical interview
  • Non-technical interview
About us
Help us reinvent knowledge work with AI

We're on a mission to reinvent knowledge work. By bringing the power of LLMs to the enterprise, we believe we can unlock an altogether more human way of working. This belief underpins our product philosophy, as well as our drive to build a new kind of company that helps every individual to flourish.

We raised a $2.7M seed round led by Index Ventures last year, and we’ll be using this to bring together a world-class team from around the world. We’re committed to building a diverse and supportive workplace—and we’re fully remote too. So wherever you are, and whatever your background, we’re excited to talk to you.

What we do

Every company struggles with knowledge silos—content is lost in obscure folders, conversations are buried in Slack, and answers to certain questions exist only in peoples’ heads. It’s a costly challenge in any area of a business.

Workbounce is reinventing productivity with AI. We connect siloed tools like Google Drive, Notion and Slack with the power of LLMs, in a safe, reliable and scalable platform.

No more digging through multiple platforms looking for collateral, conversations or context. No more repeated questions - everyone can tap into the knowledge that already exists in the organisation, so they can focus on the core of their role, rather than get lost in the chaos.

Who we are and how we work

We’re currently a small team with two co-founders: Adam and Rowan. We met at Peakon (acq. Workday, $700M) in 2017, where we led Go-to-Market strategy and Revenue Operations from Series A.

As an Employee Engagement startup, Peakon was at the forefront of great employee experiences—radical transparency, industry-leading DEIB initiatives, progressive maternity/paternity policies, frequent off-sites—but what we really took from our time there was the mindset of continuously asking “How can we make this a great place to work for everyone?”

With Workbounce, we were able to apply this mentality ourselves from day one—and combine it with our belief that the corporate 9–5 is a thing of the past and it’s time to reshape how people work together for the better.

This means we’re fully-remote and asynchronous. The last few years have shown we don’t always need to be in the same room as our colleagues to get things done. Instead, the freedom to choose how, when and where to work allows us to make room for other nourishing parts of our lives like friends, family, hobbies and travel—enabling us to do work we can truly be proud of. 

We’ve also published v1 of our Operating Principles. These are guidelines to help us prioritise, communicate and collaborate. We want to find the perfect balance between time to ourselves for distraction-free deep focus, and time together to problem solve, learn from each other and build enriching working relationships. You can find those principles here, and we’re keen to know what you think:

The earliest hires in any team are instrumental, and the big draws of a startup are the autonomy to carve out your role and the opportunity to make a significant impact in a business. We want to offer more than that. Autonomy at Workbounce is not just the ability to own your work and define your role—it’s the autonomy to shape how you work around the kind of life you want to live. To us, opportunity is about more than individual successes—it’s about challenging outdated notions, pioneering new ways of working together, and building something that benefits others as much as ourselves.

So, if you’re excited to work on a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, as part of a team that puts people at the heart of everything it does—please apply. Let’s reinvent knowledge work with AI.
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